Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mirai Nikki Review

Stars: 4.695/5
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Status: Ongoing
Info from fox:
Alternative Name 未来日記; 미래일기; Future Diary
Years of Released 2006
Recommend if you liked:
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Kara no Kyoukai

For Yuki, the world moves slowly. It's his second year in middle school and he an introvert and has trouble making friends. He goes to an "imaginary land" that he thinks is nonexsistent and befriends a the god of time and space. There, the fun beings.

This manga was pretty good. Not to bad, not too good in my standards. It was a bit messed up, but it was fun to read. Its a bit dynamic and it can really pack a punch if you get scared easily. There is no surprising plot twist like K.n.K. but its definitely worthwhile. After reading this, I felt as if the main focus of the whole story drifted apart and could not be reattached. The main part of the story were these Future Diaries that people had on their phones. Now, I had a really good feeling of this manga after reading a few chapters. A fifteen year old girl stabs like a 3 year old and kills him. A 27 year old girl tries to bomb a whole school. Funny eh? And its a middle school. The creative minds of the writer of Mirai Nikki were pretty decent in this story. The buildup is a bid awkward and some scenes are REALLY awkward. If you read the story about #10, you will find the story to be a bit 18+ at some times, but I assure you its a good read. I'm not going to update this review.


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