Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hell Girl Review
Stars: 4.8/5
Watch it, Don't Read it

Recommended if you Liked.
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Sooo. Enma Ai. People call her Hell Girl because if you go to a website on midnight, and type in a name of a person that you really hate, Enma will give you a black doll. Around its neck, a silky red scarf... of death. Pull the red rope you will make a covenant with Enma, along with her crew, promising hell to the person who you cursed, yet a compensation must be paid. That is, your soul when you die. You will dropped from Earth to Hell, not able to go to Heaven. Every episode has a different story.

Why I didn't get bored of it soon? Because, it was a very interesting story at first and I thought that many people will be stuck in these situations and wished there was a hell girl. Of course, the compensation part sucks. I recommend this if you really like beautiful animations and a different story every episode. I think the only thing that I really don't understand about this anime, is that why does everyone pull the string. ITS NOT MEANT TO BE PULLED. xD
Watch the first episode here.

That's all for now. I suggest you to watch some episodes.
I really enjoyed the animations.

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  1. I watched the first epi.
    I totally jumped at the skull. LOL